Auroral Precipitation Model ( APM )

The model shows the planetary distribution (corrected geomagnetic latitude - local geomagnetic time) of different type auroral precipitation (location, average energy and energy flux) depending on a level of the geomagnetic activity determined by AL and Dst indexes.

Model Description

Model description page provides general information about auroral precipitation model with links and references.

API Service new

API service provides access to numeric values of APM. API allows to obtain data in different formats ( xml, json, text ) from common range of applications support web content requesting. See API Documentation for more details and examples.
We also provide MATLAB/Octave interface for API Service.

Online Tool

APM online tool allows visualization of the model with custom parameters. Please note, that visualization may take a long time ( depending on parameters and server loading ).

Help & Support

For any questions regarding using auroral precipitaion model, please contact our Model Developement Team

General questions
Vyacheslav Vorobjev ( ) & Oksana Yagodkina ( )
API & Online tool
Juri Katkalov ( )